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Micro macrame terms and abbreviations explained

Here is a short list of the terms and abbreviations I use to explain knots and methods.

FBK           Fish bone knot 

HH            Half Hitch

LHK          Larks Head Knot

LDHH       Left  Double Half Hitch

LLHK        Left Larks Head Knot

OHK         Overhand Knot

RDHH       Right Double Half Hitch

RLHK        Right Larks Head Knot

SPK          Spiral Knot

SQK          Square Knot


Column: A succession of knots. eg. a half hitch column (HHC) All knot columns have to have at least 1 core cord.

Core cord: It is essentially the same as your holding cord. These are the cords used as the ‘core’ to tie spiral knots (SPK’s) or square knots (SQK’s) for instance. 

Holding cord: This is is the cord that your are knotting TO
Working cord: This is is the cord that you are knotting WITH

Tip: is is something that has made it easier for me to remember whether I am knotting a left or a right hand version of a knot:

When holding your holding cord with the left and knotting with your right, it is a RIGHT HAND KNOT

When holding your holding cord with your right and knotting with your left it is a LEFT HAND KNOT

I offer a variety of patterns and tutorials which are either free tutorial videos, basic knotting techniques or basic and advance macrame PDF tutorials so check out these links for some more info.

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