Linhasitha cords for micro macrame - pros and cons

This cord originates in Peru. Linhasita was the second cord I tried for my macrame projects. It is a very versatile and durable cord that sits somewhere in between C-lon cord and Thai wax cord in terms of ease of use and looks. It does not have the beautiful sheen that C-lon cord provides, but it certainly produces some stunning looking pieces as the knots tied with this cord are very even. The cord itself feels a little sticky due to its wax content, but is quite workable. It is perfect for any marame project. It is not as readily available as C-lon cord or Chinese wax cord, but there are some reliable sources that will supply you with this cord. Its 1mm thickness means that any seed beads smaller than 8/0 (3mm) are not threadable. All in all this is a great cord for beginners and advanced macrame artists alike, and I would recommend this cord.


  • Projects made with Linhasita are very durable and can even become wet without losing shape or colour.
  • The cord is very evenly made and produces stunning results accordingly. 
  • Linhasita cords come in many different colours. There is a good selection available which will allow for great colour variety in your projects.
  • Spools are 180m/195 yards and offer good value for money.
  • It is UV and mildew resistant
  • No adhesives are required to finish off your projects due to the cords wax content


  • Although I like the look of Linhasita it does not offer the smooth and completely even look of unbraided wax cords.
  • It is a little sticky which makes it somewhat harder to undo bad knots. Kumihimo projects still work with this cord but it can get a little frustrating when longer cords tangle.
  • Dirt will easily stick to this cord if care is not taken to keep the ends away from the floor or dusty surfaces while knotting





thickness: 1 mm
bobbin/spool size: 180m/195yards cones
type of cord: 100% waxed polyester cord
threadable seed bead sizes: 6/0 (4 mm) is the smallest that can be double threaded. 8/0 will fit with just 1 cord
price: currently ranges from £10 to £15 per cone

Places you can buy Linhasita cord from: (wholesale only)

Sites like Ebay & Etsy also have a good selection for this type of cord.

Some of my projects made with Linhasita:


Linhasita necklace imbali craftsLinhasita necklace imbali crafts
Linhasita necklace imbali crafts