Lon cords for micro macrame - Pros and Cons

I have spent a lot of time browsing the net in search of different types of cords that I could use for my projects. It's often frustrating if you don't really know where to start and what to look for. I have decided to cover several types of cords and go into detail on each one. I'll start with C-lon cord. This was the first cord I have ever used, and it served me very well! So here it goes :)

C-lon is made in the US. It is lovely to work with as it produces very elegant looking pieces. Finished jewelry items look very classy as the cord has a subtle satiny sheen. I love working with this cord!


  • Projects made with C-lon cord look very elegant due to its satiny sheen.
  • It is very easy to work with and bad knots are easy to undo.
  • There are various cord diameters available which gives you the option to choose a thinner cord if you wish to use smaller seed beads in your project.
  • C-lon produces cords in many beautiful colours, a huge selection to choose from which will allow for great colour variety in your projects.


  • Unlike waxed cord C-lon is not 'waterproof'.
  • Jewelry made with C-lon is not durable if not cared for properly. Items can look tatty and frayed after extensive wear especially light coloured items that attract dirt easily.
  • Knots tend to loosen themselves and sometimes need to be re-tightened periodically during a project.to finish of the ends an adhesive is needed as your work will unravel without one.
  • Bobbins are quite small at only 39 yards/ 36 meters and relatively expensive in comparison to other cords.


C lon cord diameter imbali crafts


C-lon Tex 400:

thickness: 0.9 mm
bobbin/spool size: 36 m or +/- 39 yards
type of cord: 3-ply twisted nylon thread
threadable seed bead sizes: 6/0 (4 mm) is the smallest that can be double threaded 8/0 will fit with just 1 cord
price: currently ranges from $2.5 to 6$ per bobbin

C-lon bead cord:

thickness: 0.5 mm
bobbin/spool size:  82 m or +/-90 yards
type of cord: 3-ply twisted nylon thread
threadable seed bead sizes: 8/0 (3 mm) is the smallest that can be double threaded 11/0 will fit on just 1 cord.

price: currently ranges from $2.5 to 5$ per bobbin

Places you buy C-lon cord from:

http://www.store.jewelsinfiber.com (US)
http://www.spellboundbead.co.uk (UK)

Sites like Ebay & Etsy also have a good selection.

Some of my projects made with C-lon cord:

Clon cord necklace imbali crafts     C-lon cord necklace imbali crafts